2023 Webinar: How to best enhance the value you bring and improve relationships in the workplace!






Cost R75
Duration 1 hour
CPD Points 1
Type: Webinar Recording + slides
Certification:  Digital CPD Certificate & Badge

What is this webinar about?

🎓 New to the workplace and lack confidence of how to navigate your strengths and challenges?
🎓 Struggling with work colleague relationships and communication? Wanting to improve your development area and don't know how?
🎓 How to understand the value you bring to projects?

This webinar will discuss all the above and introduce colour energies, such as the unique mix of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue energies and which determine how and why people behave the way they do.

Who should do this webinar? 

Are you a work seeker and wanting to establish your strengths and find a career path?

 Are you an employer wanting to understand others and make the most of the employer's strengths?

 Understanding your personal strengths and maximising these can give you an edge over and above other candidates, and help you navigate your best career path.

You will gain the knowledge on: 

✔️ You will learn more about yourself.
 ✔️ Forge better relationships with people you work with based on mutual understanding.

This webinar will give insight on how better to work with colleagues, have more open conversations, understand the value of what you bring to projects and ultimately use your strengths with confidence!



These webinars are for CPD only and do not form part of the ICB's formal qualification programmes in any way.
To ensure candidates attend each webinar, a few questions are asked after the webinar in the form of a small easy quiz.
The quiz must be passed for a CPD certificate to be issued.

Access - 
90 days 
Access to this Webinar (replay) and the supporting materials will only be available for 90 days from date of purchase

How to get started

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