Webinar: Practical tools to discover your own resilience - Part 2






Cost R75

Duration 1 hour

CPD Points 2

Type: Webinar Recording + Slides

Certification:  Digital CPD Certificate & Badge

What is this webinar about?

We need a measure of Resilience, especially as we move towards the end of the year and still need to navigate all the changes and upheavals thrown
at us on a daily basis. 

Look at resilience through 3 lenses; 

What resilience is and gather an understanding what it is not.
Practical tools to further develop resilience,
A discovery of your own resilience story

Our Practical tools to discover your own resilience (Part 2) Webinar will assist you to understand the basic processes;
Session 2: 
 🎓 Understanding stress response
🎓 The 3 categories of stress
🎓 The signs that indicate we are stressed
🎓 The components of resilience – the foundation for your personal toolkit

Session 3: 
 🎓 Understanding the components of resilience
🎓 The practical application of the components
🎓 An action plan outlined

Who should do this webinar? 

Current employee needing to up-skill / diversify

People wanting to become an entrepreneur

Current accountant / bookkeeper wanting tax practitioner status

School leavers

You will gain the knowledge on: 

✔️ Identifying triggers that create stress in your life
✔️ Identifying tools which you can use to deal with the stress factors
✔️ Creating an action plan for yourself to enhance and build on your resilience



These webinars are for CPD only and do not form part of the ICB's formal qualification programmes in any way.
To ensure candidates attend each webinar, a few questions are asked after the webinar in the form of a small easy quiz.
The quiz must be passed for a CPD certificate to be issued.

Access - 
90 days 

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