Webinar: What is Resilience and why its so important - Part 1






Cost R75

Duration 1 hour

CPD Points 1

Type: Webinar Recording + Slides

Certification:  Digital CPD Certificate & Badge


What is this webinar about?

We need a measure of Resilience, especially as we move towards the end of the year and still need to navigate all the changes and upheavals thrown at us on a daily basis. 

Look at resilience through 3 lenses; 

What resilience is and gather an understanding what it is not,
Practical tools to further develop resilience,
A discovery of your own resilience story

Our What is Resilience and why its so important (Part1) Webinar will assist you to understand the basic processes;

Session 1:
 🎓 Why resilience is an important topic right now
🎓 Understanding resilience
🎓 The impact of growing our resilience
🎓 The components of resilience
🎓 Some practical examples of resilience lived in the real-life realm

Who should do this webinar? 

Current employee needing to up-skill / diversify

People wanting to become an entrepreneur

Current accountant / bookkeeper wanting tax practitioner status

School leavers

You will gain the knowledge on: 

✔️ Understanding what resilience means
✔️ The importance of resilience in your day-to-day life
✔️ Real-life examples of resilience to continue building on this in Part 2



These webinars are for CPD only and do not form part of the ICB's formal qualification programmes in any way.
To ensure candidates attend each webinar, a few questions are asked after the webinar in the form of a small easy quiz.
The quiz must be passed for a CPD certificate to be issued.

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