2024 Webinar: 13 March 2024_Are you stressed about job searches and career changes or what to do after matric?






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Duration 1.5hrs

Type: Webinar Replay

Included on the course?

πŸŽ“ 13 March webinar replay
πŸŽ“ 13 March webinar presentation pack
πŸŽ“ Free e-book
πŸŽ“ 5 x Free 2023 Webinar Replays


What is this webinar about?

πŸŽ“ What to do with or without a matric in SA,
πŸŽ“ advice for those with qualifications not yet complete,
πŸŽ“ how to best start looking for work,
πŸŽ“ how job portals work,
πŸŽ“ the benefit of networking and LinkedIn,
πŸŽ“ job interview tips,
πŸŽ“ interviews from perspective of the prospective employer,
πŸŽ“ how best to position yourself in the workplace for success and promotions, 
πŸŽ“ the option of setting yourself up with your own business and becoming self employed.
πŸŽ“marketing insights to market yourself as a brand.

Who should do this webinar? 

Those just finished their matric year.
 Anyone looking for a job for the first time and/or at any stage of their career.
Those wanting to look at promotions and how to achieve this.
Also those thinking of embarking on their own business or at very least wanting to become self employed.
 Marketing plays a big role in marketing yourself as a brand and then also marketing for your own business.
 And of course what qualifications to achieve this.


You will gain the knowledge on: 
 Job search is so daunting, especially if you do not know how job portals and networking tools like LinkedIn.
 Obtain interview tips both as candidate but also get insights into what prospective employers are looking for in future employees.
 How to best position yourself if already employed to get promoted.
Every considered creating your own employment or running your own business but don't know where to start?
 And of course what qualifications you will need to help with this journey

How to get started

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πŸŽ“ You will have immediate access to the webinar replay and course resources.
πŸŽ“ Access to course will expire in 90 days.