Live Webinar - 27 Sep 2023: How to make LinkedIn work for you






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Duration 1 Hour

Date and time 27 Sep 2023

Type: Live Webinar

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What is this webinar about?

This webinar will provide:
An overview of the power of LinkedIn
Give actionable steps you can take to build your LinkedIn profile and reach
How to reach out to other professionals and make a meaningful connection

Who should do this webinar? 

This would interest students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone wanting to build a professional business network and advance (or even start) their career


You will gain the knowledge on: 
If you work or are a work seeker, you will realise that relationships are the best way to advance your career. And LinkedIn has made it possible for you to reach more people, without having to physically travel to a conference to "meet-up" with other professionals. But the full power and potential of LinkedIn is not always seen and also not always optimised. In this webinar, we will delve into the power LinkedIn has as well as give actionable steps you can take to build and nurture your professional network and how to optimise those connetions.

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